Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hello Again!

Wow! It has been over six months since I have posted anything! Partly to blame is my dang camera for breaking- and the other part is just life- being too busy and out of control! But it's good to be back! I am excited to piece together the pictures we have taken over the past 6 months from other people's camera's so stay tuned!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Old hat, new hat" Old House, NEW House!!!

Old house, still good house!!

These last few weeks have been very disorganized! Nathaniel and I would constantly have to ask ourselves what day it was, or even what time it was. We were living second to second.

The day of my birthday we were given an outstanding deal to move one street behind us to house with a BASEMENT- yep you hear me I have ROOOOMM! I get to put the toys downstairs and say go play see ya in a while!! So as you can see we made the switch!!!

Tonight was a great night for pictures at the new house because it rained- check out the views of the weather:

Monday, June 8, 2009

Great 28th!!

Today I celebrated my 28th birthday!!! It was a great day! I sort of got to just hang out and do whatever- my Parents took me to lunch- PF of course- Nathaniel took me to dinner. Then we went to the Parent's house and had cake and ice cream and they spoiled me with gifts. Here is the collage of gifts. I received shirts, a fondue kit, flip flops, a gift cert. to the Nails, and oh yes, Nathaniel got me an iPod shuffle- it's pink!!! Lisa even hooked me up with an iTunes gift card! I have had a great B-day! Thanks everyone for Birthday wishes and for spoiling me rotten!!

P.S. Emma- thanks for the bags of rocks!! I love them you cutie!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday Nathaniel!!!

Yesterday Nathaniel hit a milestone!! He turned 30!! A month ago he said that for his birthday he'd like us to go down Pine Creek- a wicked canyoneering trek in Zion's! So we talked with our good friend's Tonya and Travis, and they agreed to come along. Two days before his birthday, I tore my calf muscle- but I was determined to go, so I spent two days icing, going to physical therapy and just doing all that I could to insure I could go. Well, right before the first repel, we hit some pot holes, and the water in the canyon turned out to be way deeper than any of us thought- besides the fact that I went with a torn calf muscle!

This is a picture of the 6 of us that went! So besides us, Tonya and Travis, we also met and gained new friends, Jesse and Jessica Barker! Great Day!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Only 1 day and a few hours 'til summer!

I have been running ragged over these past few months- and I am ready for SUMMER! Never fear though, it is almost here!! This week I had my 4th Kindergarten Graduation- it was great and my students did a great job. I love Kindergarten graduation, despite ALL the hard work, I love doing it!!! I am so grateful that I can have a career where I can work my guts out all year, and be home with my kids during the summer- Yes the politics UGHH, and all that, but I do it for my kids!!


So, I have been able to fit a few other things in besides just school schtuff! Here's what we've been doing!!

Mother's Day weekend, we were able to go to Salt Lake and Visit my Grandma Deon, (My Dad's Mom). We had a great time! We hit a few shopping places:

And then had a great BBQ with my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc.

Katelin even got to know some of her 2nd cousins!! This is her and Baylee- and look, they can climb a tree- who knew???

The following week we had tons going, Katelin had her Preschool Graduation,

and we attended a Retirement Dinner for a teacher at my school, Linda Milianta.

Two days later, we celebrated Alecia's 2nd Birthday!! Boy how cute she is! Check out these shots of her!! I love this little spit fire!!

Cozy loved that her bike had a built in potty chair!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SOOOO much to blog about!!!-- Welcome Chloe!!!

Okay, well I have been blogless lately- only because life has been ultra busy for us!!! Just a few weeks after Nathaniel's Grandma passed away, another Princess joined the Pugh side of our family! We have a new little niece- Chloe Abbigail Fairchild!! I think she is just precious! I took a few pictures of the new addition! Here is Nathaniel's sister Sarah's family:

Me holding baby of course!!!
Kolton loves to give kisses to Chloe!!
And dating even further back: EASTER

The kids at the City hunt!!

Daddy helping the Coz!!!

The Girl's Easter Morning- All decked out for church!!

The "Taylor" Annual Hunt!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nathaniel's Grandma

On Thursday, we attended Nathaniel's Grandma's Funeral! She was 83 years old and she passed away on Easter Sunday. She lived in Hurricane on a Peach Farm with her husband. Today I learned a bit more about her. I learned that she was engaged at age 16, then her future husband, Nathaniel's Grandpa, went off too war. The Grandpa learned to cut hair during the war, so soldiers would always come to him for a haircut and give him tips. He saved the money and mailed it home in any paper he could find, which was usually from the mess hall. It was funny to know that when Nathaniel's Grandma would take it too the bank that all the teller's went on break because no one wanted to count the money because it smelt sooooo bad! (From the paper from the mess hall!) Anyway, it was a pretty good funeral- it only lasted about 30 minutes- perfect length!